To clean out lizards from your home, block their entry points, get rid of the items that attract them, and then use humane, natural repellents to keep them away. To completely seal your home off from ventilation would be tough, but you could reduce the number of entry points into a space, such as covering up the gap between the base of the door and the flooring. Don’t keep your windows, and main door or gate, open for too long as well.

Lizards come out in the open to look for food, so don’t keep any lying around! Throw away the contents of your trash can frequently if they contain food scraps, or else cap it tightly on top so lizards can’t squeeze their way through. You’ll be surprised at how pliable their bodies are! In doing so, you will get rid of insects as well, which lizards also eat.

Mop your floor after cooking and eating, and if you spill food on the floor, wipe it up immediately.

Clean out newspapers, magazines and clutter, so the pests have nowhere to hide. They also love to hide behind picture frames, and furniture. By leaving a 15cm gap between the furniture and the wall, you’ll be able to spot and clean them out easily.

Keep them away for good with natural repellents that don’t harm your family. Make a pepper spray with black pepper, red chilli powder, and water, and spray this around the house and in corners. Or place lemongrass around the areas that they enter from, such as windows; lemongrass teabags work, too! You can also try placing unwashed eggshells in your kitchen corners – it is believed that the smell keeps lizards away, as birds are the natural predators of lizards!