low ceiling, pendant lamp, dining table
Design: Free Space Intent

Pendant lamps are great choices for dining areas. As they come in many designs, they can also be used to express the decor theme you’re after.

As a general rule of thumb, hang the light about 75cm from the tabletop; high enough not to obstruct your view of other diners, but low enough to light up your table, says Malathi Balaraman of Ikea Singapore.

Another way is to have someone else assist you. Stand 
a distance away from the dining area and have them lower or
 raise the light to decide which height suits the space best. The size and shape of your table also matters. “If you have a large table, hang your light slightly higher so it casts more light. If you have a long, rectangular surface, you will likely need more than one hanging pendant lamp,” says Malathi.

If you are using the dining table for studying or working, your light source should be bright enough to illuminate the whole surface well.

As for aesthetics, the beauty of the pendant lamp lies in the slim profile it offers from the line of the electrical cable down to the shade. So when you choose a design, make sure that it’s not too tall.
 You don’t want it to appear as if
 it’s stuck to the ceiling!