HDB flat, living room
Design: Joey Khu Interior Design

Giving your “tired” apartment a new look is as simple as giving it a fresh coat of paint. Keep it simple, and stick to light colours, such as a tint of white, to make the space look clean and spacious. Don’t forget to paint the ceiling, too!

Your flooring, another large surface area, also makes a crucial first impression. Give marble a good polish, revarnish hardwood floors and replace broken tiles.

Look around the place and decide what you would like to keep or throw. Keep items that are still in good condition, and throw out anything broken. Then see how you can update the look of what you are keeping. For built-ins such as wardrobes and kitchen cabinets, you can replace the doors instead of the whole structure, or even paint over them! You might also want to paint your bedroom doors.

For loose furniture pieces, replace outdated and dirty upholstery with neutral-coloured fabric that won’t date so quickly. Throw the pieces out if the seats have given way. Unless the selling point of your design is an eclectic mismatched look, make sure the style of the pieces looks cohesive, and not give the impression that your apartment is a collection centre for unwanted furniture.

But all these changes will not make a difference if your bathroom doesn’t pass inspection. Make sure it’s clean and bright; there are special paints available that can go over tiles to cover dirty grouting.

Go the extra mile by dressing up the interiors with mirrors to enhance space and light, and soft furnishings such as rugs and cushions, to make your flat look cosy and inviting.