(Photo: Irene Hoofs)

I think flowers are truly one of the most beautiful things, and while they don’t usually hold out for long, their charm lasts well beyond their lifetime, especially in humid climates like Singapore.

When you give these flowers a second life, you give your living space a new vibe. Using dried flowers brings an easy and subtle touch of natural beauty around your home as well as a little whimsical surprise to your space. Try hanging individual stems on wires from pendant lights, leaving them in bunches in pretty paper wraps to hang from coat hooks, or simply displaying them in vases like you would with any regular arrangement.

(Photo: Irene Hoofs)

Almost any flower you have on hand can be dried. Baby’s breath is a popular option amongst many, and you’d often see them in cafes. But some of our go-to include dried cotton flowers and also cow parsnip; they make for quirky but unique additions to your space when dried.

(Photo: Zara Salahuddin)

It’s surprising how easily something so lovely can be done. Just tie a bunch of them together, hang them upside down, and let the magic happen!

(PhotoZara Salahuddin)

Aren’t these great for creating a softer touch without having to shell out money to replace your floral arrangements every week, especially when flowers in Singapore are not as readily found or inexpensive? Plus, how perfect are they for some of us who are just not that much of a green thumb…

(This is the second in a series of posts contributed by our friends at Bloesem, exclusively for Home & Decor readers.)


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