Don’t regret your shopping decisions! Here are a few tips on how to do just that.

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When Buying Furniture:
+ Check the sturdiness, quality and finishing of the item.
+ Before purchasing, place a deposit, and pay the remainder of the cost after the furniture is delivered to your home.
+ Be sure to record any verbal promises by the seller and other important details in writing. Also, read the fine print in any contract before signing.
+ Enquire about the warranty, and any other terms and conditions.
+ Check if there are any hidden costs, like delivery charge.
+ Always keep your receipts!


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Upon Delivery:
+ Don’t be in a hurry! Before signing the delivery order, make sure that the furniture is what you ordered and in good condition. If the furniture is damaged or does not meet the conditions of the sales contract, refuse the delivery and withhold the balance payment.
+ If the retailer fails to make satisfactory replacement within a reasonable re-delivery date, give them one or two more delivery deadlines to make good. If the retailer still doesn’t, then it’s time to ask for a refund.
+ If your furniture falls apart a while after its delivery, you have the right to ask the seller to repair or replace the piece. If the seller is unable to, then you can keep the defective piece and ask for a reduced price, or return the item and get a refund.
+ Approach Case ( or the Small Claims Tribunal if you are unable to resolve the dispute.