open kitchen shelving
Design: Aiden T

Open shelving is a great storage option that is both functional and decorative, if styled right.

You don’t have to be limited to storing or displaying dinnerware and food canisters; you can place appliances (hide the cords to neaten the look), cookbooks, and even some framed art on them. The important thing is to edit and organise your collection. Start with a cohesive set of dinnerware. They don’t have to belong to the same set, as long as the colours or material (stoneware, stainless steel, wood) are the same.

Vary the height of the items by stacking bowls and cups (turn them upside down to keep dust out), or raising smaller items on a footed cake stand. Unlike in closed cabinets – where items can be crammed into every available space – items on open shelves need breathing space.

Often-used items should be placed on the lowest shelf and more decorative items higher up. You can make a display of daily foodstuffs such as sugar, coffee, and cereal by using opaque canisters of different heights and sizes. Label them on the bottom with a marker and you’ve got them sorted! Finally, introduce something natural such as fresh flowers, a houseplant or even fresh herbs in a small vase.