Kris Tan, from The Declutter Professionals, shares her tips on getting spring cleaning done quickly and easily this Chinese New Year.

1. Tackle 20-30% of unwanted items in a few minutes.

Simply start by grabbing a large black garbage bag and discard items that should go, starting from the dining table which usually holds the most foodstuff, to the coffee table and then to the sofa area and finally the storage areas such as shelves, cupboards, TV console. Most of the time, in a normal household, you would have gotten rid of at least 20-30% of the unwanted stuff just by doing this. 

2. Taking a before/after photo can be a great motivation.

2. The whole idea of spring cleaning is to clear out what is no longer serving its purpose in your home so that it is ready for guests. Take a before photo, and then an after photo, and look at the difference. Seeing a big change can be a great motivational factor.

3. Do this before you start purchasing new items for the home.

Before you start purchasing new stuff for the home, take a moment to spring clean first. Are there unused brand-new bed sheets? Unused clothes? Can this be "reused" this coming new year? We should reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible.

4.  Make it a family event.

If its possible, gather your family members to spring clean together. Discuss and get each of them involved in various sections of the home. For instance, each member should bear the responsibility of clearing out his or her own bedroom. During the process, words of encouragement go a long way. Avoid blame as it can escalate into an unproductive argument.

5. While cleaning up together, remember your common goal of getting the house clean.

Avoid negative comments during the spring cleaning process. Often, we tend to point fingers and push the blame of the clutter to others. Remembering that there is a common goal and objective will help you work together to get to the goal, which is to get your home ready for CNY. 

6. Be mindful about purchasing decorative items.

Some décor is only used once a year, and zodiac-specific CNY décor are only single-use (unless you’re going to keep it for the next twelve years). So avoid buying too much before CNY, or the clutter will mount up again at home right after you have decluttered.

7. Donate where you can.

It is also the time of the year to bless less fortunate families with your clothes, bedsheets, shoes and more. With this in mind, it helps when you are decluttering your clothes in the bedroom. Do I still wear this? Can it be gifted to someone else? This process makes it easier for you to let go of items, knowing you are giving them to families who have few resources during this festive time.