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Teak is the gold standard for outdoor furniture – for its durability, rot and termite resistance, and ease of maintenance. It stands up to our humid climate extremely well, making it the best choice for window frames, plantation shutters, fences and shipbuilding, too.

This honeyed straightgrained oily hardwood naturally repels water so there is no need for any treatment, sealant or varnish. “The colour of teak, if untreated, will change to a silver grey under the sun. We refer to this as a kind of sun tan, which does not affect the quality or durability of the wood,” says Philip Jensen of Teak and Mahogany. “If your teak does not change colour, this could be a sign that the material was chemically treated, and a good indication that the wood is of an inferior quality. You can consider the weathering on the wood as a sign of good quality.”

Compared to other timbers, teak is virtually maintenance free as long as it has been kiln -dried properly.