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Own pets at home and not sure what type of flooring works best?

Some problems to watch out or your flooring includes the result of their untrimmed nails, which will eventually result to scratching of the floors. And pets which are not properly toilet trained, will end up causing mess around the house and thus, affecting the flooring of the house.

Consider these options:

#1 Vinyl flooring
This type of flooring is pet-friendly, durable, resilient and of high quality. It is one of the most recommended pet-friendly flooring option especially for cats and dogs. New vinyl floors now come with extra thickness and that is an added advantage. Vinyl flooring option is water-resistant and withstands wear and tear. Another reason this type of flooring is recommended for people that have pets is because even if your pet urinates or vomits on the floor, it can easily be cleaned without leaving out any stains. Also, soft vinyl floors conceal the sound of your pet’s nails as they move around.

#2 Linoleum flooring
They are of high quality but a little costly. They are soft, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. It is very eco-friendly since it is a natural product. It also has antibacterial properties which is helpful for people that have pets around.

#3 Laminate flooring
This is also a good pet friendly option. It is durable, water-resistant, scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

#4 Cork flooring
This flooring option should also be considered. It also has antibacterial qualities, less rigid, fairly scratch-resistant, but expensive.

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