WHAT: Chalet Miramonti, designed by British designer Tara Bernerd, founder of Tara Bernerd & Partners

WHERE: In the heart of Gstaad, a resort town in the Swiss Alps 

WHY WE LOVE IT: Its interiors complements the environment well, such as the wood-clad bathrooms and kitchen and natural stone fireplace.

In the sitting and dining room, prints and lush fabric like velvet are used to create a cosy, intimate setting. Chalet Miramonti pairs modern touches with traditional family heirlooms beautifully!

Use red in a largely earth-toned room – it adds a refreshing and luxurious touch.

Display art, such as these canine statues, in the dining room for a conversation starter.

Keep the kitchen countertops tidy and uncluttered by displaying your items on in-built shelves.

If you have the space, a sofa or ottoman at the end of the bed can recreate the "hotel" look.

Use mirrors to visually enlarge the room, but not too much to prevent the room looking like a mirror fun house!

Hang an eye-catching chandelier in the middle of the staircase.

Plenty of photographs to display? Dedicate one table just for that, and add a flower vase to create a vignette.

Don't be afraid to go for the unconventional – such as neon lights in the home.