Have some last-minute laundry to dry? Rainy season keeping you from drying your clothes properly? A clothes dryer will come in handy. Before you purchase one, take note of these:

Size matters
A bigger dryer drum not only accommodates more clothes, it is also easier for loading and unloading. Plus, clothes can tumble-dry more freely, so there is less wear and tear, tangles and wrinkles.

Test it out
Find out if the dryer parts are easy to handle. For instance, open and close the dryer door, and remove and replace the lint filter a few times. If the dryer has a large capacity, reach in to see whether retrieving an item from the back is easy.

Dryness sensor
This sensor alerts you when the clothes are dry, and switches off the appliance automatically.

Check the water level
Is it easy to tell when the water-collection tank is full? This is important as you may need to regularly empty the water that’s extracted from the drying process.

Get more mileage
Some dryers have additional functions, like a steam cycle to sanitise items like pillows and remove wrinkles, or reverse tumbling to minimise tangles.

This article was originally published in the digital edition of Simply Her November 2015.