Here’s everything you need to know about the Scandinavian design style…

#1: What is the Scandinavian style?

Scandinavian design flourished in the 1950s throughout Nordic countries such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland, and has extended beyond that ever since. The Scandinavian design movement focuses on minimalism and simplicity.

This is why Danish designed furniture have very clean lines and fluid forms.

#2: Scandi colour themes

White, grey and oak wood are some colours often incorporated into Scandinavian-style homes. It is very often that these homes are also designed to exude a sense of hygge, which is a Danish term that represents feelings of cosiness and warmth.

The colour palette of the Scandinavian-style helps to achieve this by creating interiors that are bright and filled with simple forms that don’t appear overbearing.

You might notice occasional splashes of colours too, especially with accent pieces like a blue throw pillow, or pastel pink armchair.

#3: Big on textures and organic materials

Scandinavian design is very much inspired by nature so often times natural materials are commonly found in homes of this style.

A leather armchair is one of the pieces you can use when furnishing a home of this style. Place it together with a side table and standing lamp to create a cosy corner where you can read or lounge at…

You can also use the armchair as an accent piece in the living room, to break the linearity of the look in the space.

#4: Scandinavian style variants

Now because the Scandinavian style is so versatile and easy to love, many home stylists and furniture designers have taken the look and channeled them into newer alternatives to the traditional Scandinavian style. This includes the Scandustrial, which is a mix of Scandinavian and industrial design elements. It’s a great look for small apartments because they focus on the use of functional furniture designs with sleek, modern textures like steel, concrete and exposed wiring.

Now that you’ve got a better idea of this interior design style, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and have a better idea of what you’d want your new home to look like.

Video shot at Danish Design Co.