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Wood, being a natural material, is prone to scratches and dents, especially for tabletops and flooring, respectively. More varnish isn’t going to help – you’ll only hide the natural beauty of the material. Light scratches
 are easy to remove, and you’ll be surprised at what you can use!

To cover scratches on darker- coloured wood, dip a cotton swab in moist coffee grounds and apply to the scratches. Wait 10 minutes and wipe the surface with a dry cloth. For light-coloured wood, rub a shelled walnut over the scratches, leave it for a while, then wipe with a dry cloth.

For deeper scratches, Jodie Low from Mountain Teak suggests using a wood repair stick, which can be found
 at local hardware stores. “Choose a shade that is closest to the colour of your furniture and run it along the scratch. Finish with a layer of varnish. Do note that the effectiveness
 of this method depends on the type of stain and varnish on your furniture,” she says.