tall shelf, dining room, HDB maisonette
Design: ThreeD Conceptwerke 

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Establish the space’s presence without compromising privacy
 by using partitions, which will demarcate the two areas without separating them visually.

For your living-dining space, you can use a tall open display shelf between the two areas. Show off your stylish accessories on them, but leave enough space so one can see through to the other side.

If you have a low ceiling, choose a table-height console which will leave half of the vertical space open. You can even position furniture pieces, such as your sofa (with the back facing the dining area), so they zone the spaces naturally.

The same principle applies 
to shielding the dining area from the main door without losing light and ventilation. Depending on your preferred decor, a slim panel made of timber strips, a framed glass panel or even a suspended sheer fabric panel, placed to “block” the view of the dining area, can serve both a practical and decorative function.