Accent chairs aren't just practical, they can do wonders in enhancing your living room!

Here are four great types of chairs that will add character to your space. 



A distinctive accent chair, it features a typically high back, winged sides and a generous scale. The protective “wings” were originally designed to shield its occupant from draughts and heat from the fireplace.

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Content Duchess chair, from Dream Interiors, and Moroso Take A Line For A Walk chair, from Xtra.



This armchair gets its name from the fashionable 1850s’ English gentleman’s clubs where it was often used. It is usually heavily upholstered, and has arms as high as its back.

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Poltrona Frau Club chair, from Proof Living, and Giorgetti Arabella chair, from Space.



This type of chair was used in ladies’ bedrooms and dressing rooms. It is identified by its low height, narrow width and high back — it may have a shape resembling that of a shoe, but its name supposedly comes from its ideal proportions for sitting on to put on footwear!

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Baker Furniture Simpson chair, from Proof Living, and Cappellini Low Pad chair, from Dream Interiors.



This traditional chair features a back that is bowed or hooped, with multiple thin, turned spindles attached to a solid seat, as well as spindle legs that splay outwards.

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Boila Sleek chair, from Kuhl Home, and De La Espada Kimble chair, from Dream Interiors.