Loungers are comfortable additions to your living room, or bedroom. Plus, they make for attractive statement pieces, too!

Here are three types.


Chaise longue

Literally translated as “long chair” from French, this is an upholstered seat that is long enough to support the user’s legs. Some models feature an arm.

Shop the style:

Mondi Reef chaise longue, from Star Living, and Caracole R&R chaise longue, from Taylor B.




This resembles a bed, except that it can have arms on both ends, or even a back.

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Baker Furniture Lola daybed, from Proof Living, and Eilersen Playtower daybed, from Danish Design.




A comfortable chair that reclines, it has a backrest that can be tilted back and, often, a footrest that can be extended using a lever. Some models have smart features, such as sensor control.

Shop the style:


Berlaya recliner, from Courts, and Muren recliner, from Ikea.