Take note of these four factors, before you simply buy any stool.


Cappellini Hi Pad stools, from Dream Interiors.

  • Height

Bar stools and counter stools have a crucial difference – bar counters are higher than standard kitchen counters, so the seat height of bar stools should be 70cm to 85cm, while that of counter stools should be 60cm to 68cm. Or, choose an adjustable model.


  • Footrest

This is important for comfort – you should be able to rest your legs on them, and not have them dangling.


  • Base design

Either a pedestal base, usually in metal, or a stool with legs.


  • Back design

Backless – these allow you to sit and turn in any direction.
Low-back – these have a contemporary look that is almost backless, but have some support.
High-back – these are the most comfortable with full support, but tend to be heavier in look and weight.