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The sunlight coming into my balcony can be quite harsh, and I would like to get outdoor blinds. Are bamboo chick blinds suitable? What are other alternatives that will withstand the sun and rain? Also, how do I maintain them?

Bamboo blinds will be a good choice for your balcony as bamboo is a hardy material that can withstand outdoor weather conditions. However, there have been cases of “bamboo” blinds turning mouldy or becoming porous and hence easily broken over time. That might be a hint that your blinds are not 100 per cent bamboo but made of another material.

Other alternatives to explore, especially if you prefer a more sleek and contemporary look for your balcony, are UV blinds and outdoor roller blinds. Both the components and materials for these blinds should be made for outdoor use.

UV blinds look just like regular slatted blinds but are made from PVC to withstand the harsh sun and rain. The material can also be made 
to look just like wood, too! Maintenance is simple, says Jessy Ng, of window blind specialist Onna. “Just wipe the slats with a damp cloth to clear any water marks left from the rain or daily dust,” she says.

Outdoor roller blinds use fabrics that are thicker and can block UV rays. Onna retails a perforated outdoor fabric that allows light to partially pass through it while blocking UV rays. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth or vacuum the fabric.