Stainless steel kitchens are preferred by professional chefs and restaurants, but did you know that having one in your home is also beneficial for you and your family? If durability and hygiene are priorities when it comes to your kitchen and bathroom design, then you should definitely consider stainless steel furnishings and fittings.

Made from international grade 304 stainless steel, Song-Cho’s products and accessories are corrosion-resistant and resilient, making them ideal for use in wet areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. Here are other advantages of choosing stainless steel fittings.

1) A stainless steel kitchen system makes your cooking zone look neat & spacious

Centro & Stedia Japanese stainless steel kitchen system

Song-Cho’s Japanese-made Centro and Stedia kitchen systems are modular and customisable, with a wide range of finishes, designs and configurations for you to choose from to create the kitchen of your dreams. The versatile and functional design helps to streamline the look of your kitchen, making the area look open and uncluttered.

Also built from stainless steel, the base cabinets under the sink and stove are spacious and may be fitted with kitchen tool containers for organisation. All doors and drawers come with BLUM soft-closing systems so that loud unpleasant slams are eliminated. 

2) Optimise your counter space with a fuss-free kitchen sink

Centro C style kitchen sink

Available in two depths, 185mm or 235mm, the Centro C style kitchen sink’s functional design makes dish-washing a more pleasant chore. Built with a support side plate to hold your dishes while you wash in the sink, the stainless steel is embossed with e-coat surface finish is stain-resistant and easier to clean.

3) This innovative kitchen sink keeps itself clean as well!

Centro/Stedia Stream Flow Sink

Designed with a gentle incline that leads the flow of water to run to the outer edge, this ingenious sink thereby carries food debris to the concealed drainer, eliminating the problem of scattered food debris all over the sink. You can choose to have the concealed drainer either on the left- or right-hand side of the sink, and vibration noises caused by the sink and water are minimised thanks to its built-in vibration control. 

4) A stainless steel faucet with pull-out hose helps to channel water to where you need it most

KM6061EC-4 faucet

Your sink would not be complete without the right faucet. Choose a flexible one such as the Japanese-made KM6061EC-4 that comes with a pull-out hose to help you to easily reach the far corners of your sink. Toggle between a shower or straight water flow seamlessly with a touch of the lever on the faucet head.

5) Keep hard to clean mildew at bay in the bathroom

FDO 600 Mirror Cabinet


Song-Cho’s wood-free cabinets are an obvious choice for the damp bathroom environment as they are water- and mildew-resistant. This wall-mounted mirror cabinet even features stainless steel shelving, making it a durable storage solution that is easy to maintain.

The experts at Song-Cho also offer free consultation, layout design drawings and even site measurements to ensure that the right systems and fittings fit into your home perfectly.

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