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You’re bound to have heard of the term “Scandinavian design”, but do you know the origin story for its particular look? We break it down for you. 

1. Light & space

Scandinavian design as we know it gained popularity in the mid-20th century, and has its roots in the thrifty, austere traditions of Scandinavian culture. The look is defined by bright, open interiors because of the climate of the Nordic countries. Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark face short days and long dark winters, so to capitalise on what scant sunshine they receive over the year, bright interiors are a natural preference.

Design by Eightytwo

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2. Natural materials

Materials such as blonde wood, leather and textiles feature in almost all Scandinavian design, and for a simple reason. Nordic communities in the past had set up their homes in rural landscapes using only resources that they could find locally. 

Design by Eightytwo

3. Simple, sturdy and accessible

These are the principles that lie at the heart of Nordic design. Devoid of superfluous decoration and embellishments, the beauty of their objects is derived from their usefulness.

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