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Although all plants need light for growth, different types require various levels of light. Not having a balcony is certainly no barrier to having houseplants to beautify your home! We spoke to Hedrick Kwan, a horticulturist at Plant Visonz, who says: “Plants that do best indoors are green leafy plants with little colour and broad leaves. Plants with broad leaves live below the jungle canopy to capture sunlight filtered down from the trees.”

He suggests philodendrons, money plants, caladiums, bromeliads (from the pineapple family), pandan and Hoyas.

“If there is only artificial light, stick to green plants with thick waxy leaves. If there’s natural light, choose coloured foliage,” he adds.

Money plants are one of 
the easiest plants to grow and propagate. Stick a portion of the stem in water to let new roots grow but, after that, Hedrick suggests: “Don’t grow the plant entirely
 in water as that can encourage mosquito-breeding. Grow it in gravel with small pebbles, with 
the water level below the gravel. This way, there won’t be exposed stagnant water.”