Shoebox apartments are now the norm, but you don't have to confine yourself to small spaces. These tips will help you maximise what you've got, create the illusion of a larger space and even save you some money.

Choose the right type of furniture

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This armless sofa from Busnelli won’t occupy as much visual space as a regular one because armless pieces don't create boundaries. However, this does not mean you should fill up your home with little pieces. Make sure you have one large piece of furniture that grabs all the attention. 

Get pieces that serve more than one function

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Image: Houzz

Pick furniture pieces that can double as a storage unit. This ottoman with storage will help save space. Just remember to choose one with a sturdy mechanism, so it'll last longer.

Use the same flooring

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This home uses the same flooring throughout the house, which gives it a continuity and flow. You don't need different flooring for different spaces. Use rugs to demarcate the areas of the home.  

Create the illusion of high ceilings if you don’t have one

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High ceilings help create the illusion of space. If you don’t have them, draw the eye upwards to make the room seem taller. This home's striped wallpaper makes the room appear larger.