Wing chair, reading chair, upholstered chair
Photo: Design Intervention

Spending hours curled up with 
a good book certainly requires the right “tools” for the job. That would be a good supportive seat. Wing-back chairs (those 
with a “wing” on each side) have come into fashion again recently, and contemporary fabrics can give what is seen as a traditional design, a modern look. The “wings” provide head support and were originally designed to trap the heat from the fireplace.

Comfort is a completely personal concept, says Nikki Hunt of Design Intervention. “When choosing a reading chair, think about the position you find most comfortable and start from there. “Some people like soft seats, while others prefer a firm base to give support. Arm heights will depend on how tall you are, and those that are too high can result in shoulder or neck ache. “Also, consider the height of the back and the incline. If you like to lean back with your feet up (as 
I do), then the angle of the incline should be quite generous and the chair should be tall enough to offer head support.”

She designed the Detendez chair (pictured above) as her personal reading chair. The shape of the chair, which encourages relaxation, offers great neck and head support, and the incline encourages one to lean back. Nikki explains: “I chose a bold pattern for my chair, which adds just enough punch to enliven a neutral room. But in a bright, colourful space, it is bold enough to hold its own.”

Go for upholstery in a colour or pattern you love, so that even if the rest of your furniture changes, you’ll never get tired of looking at the piece. Otherwise, just change the chair’s upholstery to match your other pieces.