A well-ventilated counter is key to keeping your food fresh. Dress up your counter with stylish containers to store food, so pests can’t get to them.

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Always keep your seasonings in a warm, dry place. Leave them close to the stove so it’s easier to reach when you want to season your dish. In a cold damp area, salt and sugar will clump together and solidify.

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Fruit can be kept outside of the fridge for about a week, and will brighten up your countertop. Be sure to store bananas out in the open as they turn brown in the cold. Store cut fruit in the fridge with a little lemon juice on them to slow down the oxidisation process.

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Store bread in a bread bin to help keep insects and the humidity out. 

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Bulb and root vegetables should be kept in a dry ventilated area. Potatoes and sweet potatoes should be kept in a shaded area to prevent them from sprouting.

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Use clear airtight containers to store the Italian staple for a fun way to dress up your countertop.

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Grow fresh herbs right off your table in small planters. To keep fresh herbs for longer, wrap a damp kitchen towel around the base of the stalk before storing in the fridge. 

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