Design: Urban Design & Builders 

We identified plants at home as one of the top design trends of 2016, but they have to be healthy, thriving plants.

All plants need sunlight to grow so, first, identify where you can place them. Possible locations include the balcony, and near sources of sunlight, such as next to windows.

A look that’s quite popular now is to have one big tropical plant with big leaves to anchor the space for dramatic effect. Choose a pot with a nice clean shape which suits most contemporary spaces.

To admire plants at eye level, place small plant pots on wall-mounted shelves. Consider succulents, which are easy to maintain. They are also easy to pot, so you have more variety in your choice of container. Think dainty teacups and even egg cups for smaller succulents!

To save space, look to wall-mounted planters, and hanging pots. Handmade products are in, and macrame pot holders are right on trend; you can even make your own!

For hanging pots, choose plants with trailing leaves for a lovely effect. Otherwise, hanging glass holders are another great-looking option – fill them with air plants that are light and easy to maintain.

Don’t forget terrariums, which add an instant shot of greenery for any tabletop. For something more affordable, even the humble money plant can look good if it’s a healthy and happy plant. They are easy to grow, so you can invest more in the pot, or try out different containers (they don’t have to be made for plants). This way, you won’t be so out of pocket if your “experiment” fails!

Different plants have varying light and water requirements, so do ask the plant nursery what they are, when you buy them.