Learn how to choose the right fridge and how to maintain it, with tips from Christine Liew, senior manager of electrical merchandising – home appliances at Harvey Norman.

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What size fridge should I choose?
It depends on your lifestyle. If you’re someone who cooks everyday, you may need more space to store groceries. On the other hand, not everyone keeps mostly food in a fridge – some may only use it to store drinks and fruits.

What’s the difference between a fridge and a freezer?
A fridge consists of both a cooling device as well as a freezer. A fridge can keep items that require cooling temperatures from 7 to 1 deg C, while a freezer is suitable for items that require sub-freezing temperatures from -20 to -30 deg C.

How frequently should you clean your fridge?
Experts recommend a quarterly clean – every three months – for hygiene purposes. It is also a good habit to get rid of expired food items.

Can a fridge be placed in an enclosed area or in a well-ventilated area?
A freestanding fridge is not suitable for enclosed areas, as they require a minimum space allowance for heat ventilation. You can also find fridges designed specifically for enclosed areas such as built-in cupboards.

For fridges with water dispensers, how often should the water filter be changed?
Experts recommend once in two years (also dependIt’s important to maintain our fridges, which will help ensure the freshness of the food stored inside. 


– To remove odours from your fridge, simply place a cup of baking soda, vinegar or oatmeal in the fridge until the smell disappears.

– To clean stains, scrub the stained surface with a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid. For more stubborn stains, use white toothpaste.

– If your fridge is humming constantly or the interiors are warmer than the temperature that it is set at, it might be a sign that your fridge needs to be replaced  for hygiene reasons, so that the filtration function will not be compromised.