Planning to use black and white paint for the home? You'll need to know how to create a colour contrast, and how pair the colours.

(design: The Orange Cube)

  1. Working with strong colours like black does require a few rules. For a fresh and bright feel, keep the walls and most of the furniture in white, with only the key accessories in black.
  2. Afraid to go strictly monochrome? Then add a third accent colour, such as yellow, red or turquoise – but keep the black and white prominent.
  3. A black and white theme ranges from minimalist to exotic (think zebra print and heavy ebony wood) to Art Deco. Decide what kind of style or effect you want and plan the elements in the room to prevent a mishmashed look.
  4. When choosing paint, especially light coloured ones, go for the scrub-resistant one. Stain can be removed so your walls will always look their best. 

Decor tips!

  • Paradoxically, black or dark colours make the wall "recede", so a black room feels borderless and bigger. To "raise" the ceiling or to define architectural trims, use a bright white to reflect light all around the room.
  • Black and white can be masculine with the use of strong lines, or feminine with the introduction of monochrome art prints or painted antique furniture.