House parties are often accompanied with a large spread, where friends and family gather around to feast.

If you’re hosting a dinner party soon, it’s time to up your game and dress up your dining table to whet your guests’ appetites.

Here are some quick tips to take note, when styling your dining table.

1. Getting the right tableware and cutlery

Decide on what you’ll be preparing for dinner, and get the right cutlery and tableware to complement the food you’ll be serving.

2. Is there a party theme?

If you’re in for some fun and are planning a themed party, make sure what you present on the table fits the theme. This can mean choosing the right colour schemes and decor that you place on the table.

3. What are some essentials that will tie a look together?

Just like a rug that frames a space, a table runner is a simple way to help create a holistic look from one end of the table to the other. Having a large floral centrepiece is also a great way to complete the look of any dining setting.

4. Play around with accent colours or statement items

Add visual interest by introducing accent colours or eye-catching tones such as gold or brass elements. Alternatively, you can also add a unique tableware, such as a vintage vase or handmade carafe, as a statement-making piece on the table.

5. Mix and match furniture

Experiment with mismatched chairs, or complement chairs with a bench on one side. Small changes can make all the difference, to keep the look less static, and more creative!