One way to make your home feel instantly welcoming, is cleverly dressing up your entrance foyer so it exudes the right ambience and character.

Here are some quick tips you can explore for your own home:

1) Mix and match accessories

With accessories such as a mirror, sideboard, plants and trays, you can create the look you want, while ensuring the space is especially functional. You can drop everyday items like your keys, coins and trinkets in the trays, so you'll never forget where you left them, and check yourself out in the mirror right before leaving home!

interior styling entrance foyer

2) Dress up the walls

Why keep the walls plain, when you can complete it with some of your favourite paintings, artworks, tapestries and handicrafts? This way, you add some textures, colours and character too!

3) Add some plants 

Decorating with plants will hardly ever go wrong — choose larger plants to add height and dimension to your display.