Resist washing fruits and vegetables

If you’re the sort of person who refuses to put on a new article of clothing without washing it first, youll have to resist when it comes to your fruits and vegetables. Not washing them before you place them in the fridge extends shelf life, as any moisture hastens decomposition process. Just clean them before consuming!

Separate fruits and veggies

Fruits give off a chemical called ethylene gas, and it can ruin other fresh foods. This means your magoes, papayas and tomatoes could be destroying your broccoli, eggplants and carrots. Keep your fruits in the drawer, and vegetables on the upper shelves.

Put perishables in clear containers

Put your supermarket purchases out of their plastic bags and into clear containers once you get home, or you’ll end up with a soggy, mouldy mess. With clear containers, you can also see what's in them — it's less likely you'll forget all about it and waste money. Daiso sells airtight plastic containers, so you’ve no excuse!

This was first published on Singapore Women's Weekly.