While neutral shades for the sofa and chairs around your home may be the safest choice, it sometimes pays to be a little bolder. Just look at how these striking upholsteries liven up the space without screaming for attention!

Another example of how classic chair designs like these, which were bought second hand, can turn hip with the help of cheerful upholstery. 
(Interior design by JQ Ong/ The Association)


Save your mid-century modern furniture from appearing antiquated by reupholstering it with a vibrant shade! 
(Interior design by The Design Practice)

This homeowner complemented the Moroccan-inspired floor tiles with a contemporary rococo print sofa, which prevented the white walls from looking too plain.
(Interior design by D'HAUS)

Throw in something unexpected such as electric blue seating in an industrial-theme home and you’ll get a space that’s both invigorating and distinct.
(Interior design by Proj. B Studio)

Don’t let a monochrome palette go flat! Just add a centerpiece sofa that has both interesting colour and texture to add more vivacity to the interiors.
(Interior design by Box.ID Studio)

A two-tone sofa works well when grouped with accompanying footstools of the same shades. 
(Interior design by Spacedge Designs)


A rich, heavy fabric such as this corduroy in midnight blue and a raw brick wall make a very trendy pairing that brings to mind the hip lofts of New York.
(Interior design by Versaform)


Even small spaces can accommodate a grand dining setting like this. All you need is some ornate accessories, and lots of plush, velvety upholstery.    
(Interior design by Design Intervention)


These mismatched dining chairs are in fact old office chairs that were re-upholstered with vintage fabrics. 
(Interior design by Space Matters)

With raw wood, steel, and concrete all the rage now, we sometimes forget just how inviting a set of well-cushioned, modern-classic dining chairs can be. 
(Interior design by Design Channel Pte Ltd)

Give classic chairs a real modern and raunchy twist by upholstering it in faux animal hide.
(Interior design by KZ Designs)

Not afraid of using hot colours? Go a step further and match the furniture’s upholstery with the accent walls for a bigger impact!
(Interior design by Vegas Interior Design)

Pull together a more complete look for your living room by mirroring the dining chairs’ upholstery with the motifs on the feature wall!
(Interior design by Whiz Concepts)

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