WHAT: Fonda, a Mexican joint designed by Techne Architecture + Interior Design

WHERE: Flinders Lane in Melbourne, Australia

WHY WE LOVE IT: Fonda uses colour to inject the essence of Mexico's vibrant and vivacious culture, but was careful not to design a tacky stereotype!

Mexican interior is known for its use of bold colours that oozes a warm and welcoming ambience, such as red, purple, and orange. Fonda chose to express this with a modern twist, sticking to simple furniture painted in cooler shades – though no less colourful. It seems that yellow and baby blue tie the theme together!

A neutral background is the ideal base for colourful furniture – this way, the attention is on the quirky pieces, and prevents the overall look from overwhelming the space. According to Design Milk, the pendant lighting is meant to reflect the complex power line compositions you see in suburban Mexico. 

Majority of the furniture, including the booths, banquettes, and tables, were designed by Techne. They were inspired by picnic and park furniture and benches. We love that there are pockets to display small potted plants!