Want to make something with your own two hands, and that you can call your unique creation? Check out these workshops.

Fictive Fingers

Learn the basics about fabric printing and be inspired to craft something beautiful with your very own handprinted cloth! Fictive Fingers will teach you basic patterning and screen printing skills. Here’s to making your own throw pillow covers, table runners, and display cloths!


Instead of splurging on a designer purse, maybe you could make your own. Masterpiece offers bag-making classes at Spotlight regularly, but slots are often snapped up so be sure to register early. With this sewing skill, you can practically do everything else!

Goodman Arts Centre

Home to over 40 arts and creative groups, Goodman Arts Centre also offers opportunities for you to get in on the art action, from perfume-making (scents help create the perfect mood for a restful home) to ceramic art. Check out the exciting art events here.

Crafty Singapore

Wouldn’t it be great if you can just search for craft workshops on one website? That’s what Crafty Singapore is all about. Keep an eye for all types of workshops, from home accessories made out of clay to plastic clutches to terrariums.

Written by By Muneerah Bee for The Finder