To ensure your clothes remain in tip-top condition, consider these essential features in a dryer. (Not sure which dryer to buy? Read this.)

(image: Whirlpool)

Lint Filter
A filter should be large and easy to access. As it keeps your laundry lint-free, you need to clean it regularly to maintain the dryer’s efficiency

Intuitive Sensors
To prevent over-drying or wear and tear of your clothes, sensors that detect when the laundry is dry will keep your garments in good condition as well as reduce energy consumption.

Steam Cycle
This feature removes wrinkles from your clothes using steam.

Reverse Tumble Feature
This prevents the laundry from getting twisted, so you won’t get your knickers in a bunch.

Each of these dryers have a useful feature:

(image: Electrolux)

EDH3786GDW Condensing Dryer with Heat Pump by Electrolux

As a Woolmark-certified dryer, it is equipped with a cycle that dries your wool garments with utmost care. Other functions include cupboard dry and iron dry, ensuring your clothes are dried exactly the way you need them.

Electrolux’s heat pump dryer is availableat all major home electronics store.

Tap Touch Controls with Memory Dryers by Whirlpool

Save time by using Whirlpool’s Tap Touch Controls with Memory function, which remembers your last cycle and setting. The dryer also features a moisture-sensing technology, which prevents damage caused by overdrying. Visit APS Lifestyle Gallery,9 Muthuraman Chetty Road, to see Whirlpool’s range.

(image: City Gas)

Rinnai RD-600CG Gas Dryer by City Gas

This compact-gas clothes dryer features a built-in microchip sensor that monitors the humidity level in it, preventing clothes from over-drying while letting them remain soft and winkle-free. It also promises a hygienic drying process that kills most dust mites and harmful micro-organisms. Check it out at City Gas Gallery atLevel 2, PWC Building, 8 Cross Street.