WHAT: The Reverie Saigon, a luxury hotel furnished by top Italian brands like Baldi and Colombostile. It features 286 rooms and suites alongside 89 fully furnished serviced apartments. 

WHERE: Vietnam, with a fantastic view of the Saigon River and city skyline. It features 286 rooms and suites alongside 89 fully furnished serviced apartments.

WHY WE LOVE IT: Filled with vivid colours and exquisite designs, it offers plenty of ideas to create a luxurious space in your home – although it would be difficult to try and mimic it in its entirey, in a HDB home!

It's a kaleidoscope of colours on the seventh floor lobby, illustrating why sometimes over-the-top designs can work! Towering marble walls are paired with a floral mural, and we see similar colours throughout the rest of the room. Such as, the floor's cerulean blue motif and the plum tufted leather chairs.

The apartment living room features an ornate white ceiling, paired with a modern chandelier so it does not look dated. The tan leather sofa and wooden floor add some warmth, while vases of flowers give energy to the room.

Marble on marble works – you can pair a darker and lighter shade for some variety.

The Reverie Lounge is a bi-level, 542-square metre space exclusively reserved for suite guests. Conceptualised by Visionnaire, the sophisticated "glamour design" approach is meant to blur the lines between fashion and furnishings.

We know that copper and marble look good together, but seen on a larger scale – we're totally convinced! Here, it is paired with the white and gold mosaic of the winding staircase. Furnishings in white or wood also add to The Spa reception's simple yet opulent setting.  


If you have the space, go big with the rugs – whether in a striking hue or a bold design.