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Design: Wolf Woof

Wall decals are a fast decorating fix for bare walls,
 and if you get tired of the design after a few years, it’s easy to just remove them! But there are so many fabulous designs available; we understand that it might be difficult to make a choice.

Carmen Tang of Mr Fox Creative Loft uses wall decals
 for her interior projects and provides some tips on selecting them: “The size of the decal really depends on the objective of your space. As a designer,
my rule of thumb is to always
‘go big or go home’. I’ll customise bold and original wall decals 
for my clients for that dramatic interior statement.

“However, if your aim is not to create a feature wall, but to complement other highlights in your space – such as designer furniture or a painting – then it makes sense to opt for smaller decals that will serve as a great backdrop without overpowering the ‘star’ of the room.”

Ready-made wall decals are meant to be DIY projects, with enclosed instructions that make them easy to apply and remove. Large customised ones are slightly trickier as they require professionals to get the job done, says Carmen.

Decals are also easy to maintain. She advises wiping with a slightly damp cloth and soapy water to remove dirt, dust, or other substances that may end up on your decals. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning agents which may damage the material.