When customising your wardrobe, think how you can incorporate design so it becomes a feature on its own when the doors are closed.

(Design: Space Sense)
Wardrobe designed to look like white crates appear more like a feature wall than storage space.

(Design: Egg3)
Marble-lookalike laminate on the cabinets adds a touch of luxury.

(Design: The Design Practice)
Wood-like laminate adds texture to the space.

(Design: Space Sense)
Asymmetrical criss-crossing timber strips on the laminate cabinets in the master bedroom make them more interesting.

(Design: Sponge)
Who'd have thought your wardrobe surface would be a good space for your favourite posters too?

(Design: Spacious Planners)
Dark wooden Chinese doors makes this bedroom unique.

(Design: Prozfile)
Black mesh over clear glass gives the cabinet a unique effect and is a visual feature too!

(Design: Sponge)
A large wardrobe which works both as a divider between two bedrooms and a wall feature for the corridor.

(Design: Museum Homes)

A cabinet is incorporated within the “container” so it seems like a complete structure when the cabinet is shut.