Image: Bed Bath N’ Table

You spend around a third of your life asleep, so consider these factors when choosing the right pillow:

1. Filling

Three popular types of fillings are goose down or feather, memory foam and polyester. A feather pillow retains warmth and is malleable, giving soft comfort. However, the sharp end of feathers can poke through the pillowcase and prickle you. A memory foam pillow conforms to your shape and movement, providing support as you need it. The downside is that it tends to be more expensive. A polyester pillow, usually the cheapest, provides good support and holds its shape reasonably well, but is less durable.

2. Softness

Regardless of the filling, the way the pillow is stuffed makes a difference in how it feels. If it is stuffed tightly, it makes for a firmer pillow, as compared to a softer pillow with less filling.

3. Sleeping position

Your slumber habits definitely affect the ideal height and support of the pillow. Back- and stomach-sleepers may want to choose a flatter pillow that helps keep the neck aligned, while side-sleepers may prefer more height to help fill the gap under the neck to support it.



Image: Bed Bath N’ Table

How to style your bed with pillows:

Bed Bath N’ Table shares a simple yet effective tip for making your bed look luxurious and inviting. Place large, square pillows at the top of the bed, as a base to make the bed seem full and fluffy. In front of these, position your sleeping pillows. Finally, add a layer of decorative pillows — whether you choose intricate prints or quilted designs, this will add texture and pattern to your bed.