More than just a seating option, a good chair should support you comfortably at the right height and prevent problems such as slouching and shoulder aches. Here’s what to look out for when purchasing one.

Gubi Beetle Meeting Chair, from $838, from Danish Design Co. 


Most office chairs will have height and arm adjustability, but the best ones also offer flexibility when it comes to angle and tension control. Your ideal office chair should sit at a height that doesn’t cause you to slouch to see your laptop screen, or raise your arms and shoulders too much when you type. 

Back Support

Having great lumbar support can prevent back strain. Some chairs come with adjustable lumbar support that lets you fit it to your lower back. Alternatively, you can purchase a separate back rest if your dream office chair doesn’t have an adjustable one.

Viccarbe Copa chair by Ramos&Bassols, price upon enquiry, from Space Furniture. 

Cushioning and Fabric

When purchasing an office chair, consider the fabric that makes up the cushioning. It should be breathable enough so that your chair doesn’t become hot and uncomfortable after sitting in it too long, and can be cleaned easily.

Other Features

Some other features to consider are the wheel base and swivel, which allow you to move freely around without strain, and whether the chair has armrests. These entirely depend on user preferences and habits, so it’s up to you!

Herman Miller Mirra 2 office chair, $2,259, from Xtra. 

An office chair may be the most important feature of your study or home office, but other elements should come into play when considering which one to purchase. Firstly, take a look at your desk, since it’ll be used in conjunction with the chair. Is it at the right height? Will you have to move around a lot to reach things? Secondly, consider the configuration of your workspace. Will you be working on your own? If you’re using a shared space, a chair with a slimmer profile and a roller base might work better.