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Design: PIU Design

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A stitch in time saves nine so, first, prevent stains and spills from ruining your upholstery 
by using fabric protection and cleaning products found in DIY stores. Some brands even have their own proprietary range of products. Apply them to areas with high bodily contact such as the armrests, backrest and seats. Other than taking precautions when you’re having a meal or snacking while sitting on the sofa (for example, using a plate), regular maintenance is key to keeping your upholstery in good shape.
 Regularly remove dust from upholstered furniture
 with a vacuum cleaner using 
the soft brush nozzle, as fine dust particles can stick to
 fabric and result in wear, says 
a representative from Danish furnishings company Boconcept.

Boconcept also recommends cleaning pieces of furniture that come into direct contact with skin, at least twice a year to keep the fabric from degrading due to natural body perspiration.

Another way to protect the sofa’s armrests is to cover them. Some brands such as Boconcept offer a specially designed tray that fits over the armrest, providing a more stable base for drinks. Alternatively, lay a throw over the armrest or back, which acts as a protective layer and decoration, too.