Embrace Le Chic living with Silestone by Cosentino’s new collection featuring marked veins and stone patterns with metallic accents. CREDIT: COSENTINO

Whatever your style  –  modern classic or edgy urban – incorporating stunning stone surfaces in your home instantly makes it look more luxurious. With its expressive veins and varying hues, natural stone is a sought-after material in the home renovation process for adding elegance and character to any space.

A black shade reminiscent of a starry sky, Romantic Ash, used as a worktop and backsplash, is the perfect choice for bringing contrast and depth to this brightly lit kitchen. CREDIT: COSENTINO

Cosentino, the Spanish innovative surfaces company, has taken the beauty of natural stone one step further with Silestone. This cutting-edge HybridQ+ mineral surface, which has a minimum of 20 per cent recycled material in its composition, is highly durable and easy to maintain.

For every room, in every style

These qualities naturally make it the perfect material to use in areas of the home with plenty of traffic, like the kitchen. But with so many colours and designs to choose from, homeowners can stretch their imagination further and achieve striking, stone-featured interiors in every room they want.

Bathroom countertops and sinks

If you’re a fan of French-inspired interiors, you’d know that the console vanity is a bathroom staple. Its slim, unintrusive metallic frame – often with matching, exposed plumbing – not only lends to an airy atmosphere, it’s also an opportunity to let your countertop shine.

In this bathroom, a console vanity in Victorian Silver has been combined with other cool-toned surfaces, adding delicate details to a neutral space. CREDIT: COSENTINO

Our Silestone pick for your countertop? Victorian Silver from the Le Chic collection. Its delicate veining and subtle metallic accent on an ultra-slim profile will be tres chic. 

Playing with the different thicknesses available, Eclectic Pearl is used as an integrated basin and countertop in this peaceful bathroom. CREDIT: COSENTINO

If console vanities are not your style, you can still achieve a sophisticated bathroom with an integrated basin. Utilising the same surface for the countertop and basin will create a seamless transition between design and functionality. 

Bathroom showers

With its copper-toned hues, Bohemian Flame brings a touch of the unexpected to this bathroom, where it has been used for the countertop, vanity unit, wall and shower cladding. CREDIT: COSENTINO

Similarly, a uniform look in the shower area is another simple yet impactful way to make a statement. It also eliminates the fuss of mixing and matching wall-to-floor tiles. Fans of darker colour schemes will appreciate Bohemian Flame, whose coppery veins are inspired by volcanic lava.

The light-coloured background crossed by golden veins of Versailles Ivory is perfect for creating bright spaces, such as this bathroom with a matching shower tray. CREDIT: COSENTINO

And don’t fret over slippery floors. Anti-slip Silestone shower trays, which feature a soft sandblasted finish and are highly resistant to water and stains, are available in any design and size you need. 

Statement wall cladding and flooring 

With large-format slabs, Silestone stone surfaces make the picture-perfect backdrop to your foyer, dining room, and even walk-in wardrobes (great for all the #fitchecks you’ll be doing in your new home). An all-white colour scheme can be glammed up with the majestic, two-toned Versailles Ivory.

The warmest tone of the collection, Versailles Ivory, used in the wall cladding of this space, turns it into a jewel of interior design. CREDIT: COSENTINO

Your flooring can make a statement, too. For edgier interiors, we’d pick Brass Relish from the Urban Crush collection, designed for lovers of urban spaces with hints of industrial style. Its coppery brown hue features a unique grain pattern that will pair well with wood textures. It’s also a stylish, low-maintenance alternative to the popular yet tricky cement screed flooring.

A coppery brown shade that pays homage to fine-grained sandstones, Brass Relish makes an edgy base when used as a flooring material. CREDIT: COSENTINO

Customised furniture pieces 

The key to creating a welcoming home that feels put-together is visual continuity. Also called rhythm repetition, it is when similar elements – patterns, colour or texture – are found throughout the home. 

Parisien Bleu, a beguiling blue featuring ochre details and strong character, is perfect for designing elegant, timeless, bespoke furniture like this dining table. CREDIT: COSENTINO

Silestone surfaces make this easily achievable, thanks to its catalogue of versatile patterns. Apart from an eye-catching worktop in the kitchen or a subtle yet seamless flooring in the bathroom, why not get creative with customised furniture pieces?

From the Urban Crush collection, Lime Delight’s textured beige base evokes the glow of limestone in this settee and side table combination. CREDIT: COSENTINO

Think of accent or coffee tables in the living room or a statement dining table. You can even customise shelves or sideboards to display prized collections. The adventurous can pick Parisien Blue, which features strong lines and a blue-ochre colourway, while those who prefer an understated look can opt for Lime Delight. 

Performance meets design

No matter the design, one thing remains consistent: Silestone’s durability. It is highly resistant to stains, water, acidic food, scratches and everyday impacts – a great resume for homes that do heavy cooking or belong to families with pets, children, or makers whose homes double as creative studios.

And as the world heads to unstable climates, eco-warriors will be happy to know Silestone’s commitment to sustainability. Their HybriQ+ Technology has drastically reduced the amount of silica in its composition and created a more sustainable manufacturing process that uses 99 per cent recycled water and 100 per cent electric energy from renewable sources.

This way, there’s no need to compromise sustainability for style. 

Mr Valentin Tijeras, product, innovation and quality vice president at Cosentino, says: “I believe Cosentino must strive to uphold our core values of innovation and sustainability with each product we put forward. With Le Chic, we’ve made great strides in terms of surfacing technology by manufacturing the veining in such detail, and Urban Crush represents our constant pulse on modern design trends. This is an exciting milestone for the Silestone portfolio, and we’re proud to be able to continue to manufacture these collections sustainably with our HybriQ+ technology.”

The Silestone Le Chic and Urban Crush collections will be available in Southeast Asia from September 2023. Start your home renovation project when you click here or visit the Cosentino showroom at 5 Straits View, Marina One – The Heart (West Tower) #01-16/17, Singapore 018935.

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