We cannot think of the future of the kitchen without relating it to the pandemic that has changed the way we work, live, and play forever. 

In our homes, the kitchen has become the epicentre of everything. It’s not just for cooking any more. Today it is a place where we live, work, study, and connect with loved ones,  so it is only natural that the next revolution will come from the kitchen. 

In the wake of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak in 2003, public restroom designs changed to include automatic doors, touch-free sensors, flush systems and taps. In a similar vein, we can expect Covid-19 to have a big impact on kitchen design and surfaces.

How would it change? In addition to performance and durability, emphasis will be placed on hygiene, aesthetics, multifunctionality and sustainability. The kitchen will be a wholesome place that improves the homeowner’s daily life and mental well-being. 


Non-porous kitchen surfaces will be in demand. Their seamless construction prevents water from seeping into fine cracks and crevices, preventing bacteria and mould accumulation. Even though there are many antimicrobial coatings and materials available, consumers should be wary of these options when it comes to food safety because they involve adding layers of chemicals. 

Silestone Ethereal Noctis.


Creating one’s own emotional space will be more important to homeowners. Future kitchens will use variable lighting and materials that can be altered to match the time of day, a homeowner’s mood, or the type of food prepared. Surfaces will also be more textured, coloured and patterned. With more than 100 colours and designs, Silestone offers a variety of tactile textures such as polished, suede, and volcano.

A kitchen finished with Silestone Sunlit Days in Arcilla Red, which emulates the warmth of terracotta.


Whether used for chopping ingredients and setting down a boiling pan or as a worktop for the laptop while working from home, multifunctional surfaces that meet these needs while offering superior performance will win out over others.

Silestone Sunlit Days in Posidonia Green lends freshness in this kitchen.


Sustainable building materials have been making headlines in the global construction industry. But it is not a new trend. Green technologies have been developed and implemented successfully over the last few years, highlighting a growing trend among consumers to choose materials that are easier on the environment. 

Sustainable materials are no longer a bonus selling point, but rather a necessity.

Cosentino has anticipated these changes in consumer preferences (pandemic or not) for some years through our three brands: Silestone, Dekton and Sensa. Our products are made to last a lifetime, transforming spaces for a more human way of living.

Sustainable materials are no longer a bonus selling point, but rather a necessity.

Despite conceivable challenges during the last two years, we have achieved the group’s planned industrial, environmental and product R&D investments, especially with the development of HybriQ, a state-of-the-art, innovative technology.

This new Silestone technology transforms the kitchen into a healthy, sustainable and personal space. Natural minerals and premium recycled materials are blended together to create a hybrid surface. In terms of production, HybriQ technology includes Cosentino’s environmental milestones, such as using 99 per cent reused water and 100 per cent renewable electric energy, along with new features and systems for sustainable management and circular economy, while incorporating new improvements and more advanced systems for sustainable management and circular economy in our factories. 

Cosentino Cantoria Industrial Park in Almeria, Spain.

As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we continually  invest in environmental and safety assets, such as expanding water treatment systems for full water recovery and developing more carbon-neutral surfaces. We hope our actions will inspire the industry to follow suit – integrating today’s benefits with those of tomorrow.


Cosentino has opened a new experience centre, Cosentino City Singapore, at Marina One this April 2022, highlighting the company’s expansion in Singapore as the regional hub for Asia-Pacific. Watch this space for our coverage.

Maria Fernandez Castineiras is the marketing manager for Cosentino APAC
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