Wood Flooring: What are engineered wood boards vs parquet wood?

by Asih Jenie  /   January 23, 2023

Love the feel of wood flooring but worried about the maintenance?

A popular choice among homeowners around the world, wood flooring captivates with its natural grain patterns and the warmth it exudes in an enclosed space.

While it is known to be more durable than other flooring alternatives, such as laminates and vinyls, solid wood boards are susceptible to termite infestations and require additional care to ensure its lasting beauty.

Timber from some varieties of softwood timber are also sensitive to moisture, which is bad news for our high-humidity climate here.

This explains why more local homeowners are opting for engineered wood options instead when deciding on their choice of flooring.


Made by combining layers of hardwood and plywood, engineered wood boards offer the same natural look of solid timber with added strength and durability.

Michele Cauzzo, sales manager of Italian wood specialist Foglie d’Oro, shares more information on why the company’s engineered wood options offer endless possibilities when it comes to beautifying the home.

Engineered Wood Common Misconceptions

Many people think that engineered wood is made of artificial or synthetic materials, but that is not true.

What is engineered wood?

Engineered wood flooring consists of real wood layers, which are glued together to provide added strength and durability.

Folgie d’Oro offers pre-finished engineered wood that comes in three layers, with the top layer being 4.5mm thick and available in American walnut, European walnut or oak.

Engineered wood can be more durable than solid wood floors

They are easy to install and capable of lasting just as long, if not longer than conventional solid wood floors.

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A sleek wall design clad in engineered wood along with built-in light strips.

Engineered Wood Suitable For Hot, Humid Climates?

Engineered wood flooring is a much safer structure in terms of stability when it is exposed to significant stresses due to unsuitable climatic or environmental conditions, or conditions of the base concrete that are not optimal for laying a solid wooden floor.

Engineered wood more stable in drastic weather conditions

As wood is a natural material, the three-layered structure provides for more flexibility when it reacts to temperature or humidity changes.

That’s a key consideration if you intend to install a wooden floor in a room that is only air-conditioned in the evenings, or in areas where there are higher chances of it being in contact with water.

Engineered Wood in Hot, Humid Climate: How long can it last?

When properly installed, engineered wood floors are hardier than solid timber floors and are capable of lasting generations with the right care. The great thing is that it does not require as much attention as delicate hard or softwood timber.

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Engineered wood can also be cut into various shapes.

Engineered Wood Flooring: Textures & Designs Available

Yes, the advantage of engineered wood is that there are just as many choices in terms of designs and shapes as solid wood boards. As experts in the field of wood flooring, my company also offers different kinds of wood and in different finishes and colors as well.

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Engineered Wood: Can Be Used On Walls & Ceilings?

Yes, engineered wood can be used on all surfaces according to the homeowner’s preference and creativity.

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Engineered Wood Floor: How to maintain & clean?

It must be washed with nonaggressive neutral soaps, and occasionally revived with specific floorcare products that our company supplies. It’s that simple.

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Accentuate the look of a room with interesting patterns and different wood hues by using engineered wood cladding.

Engineered Wood vs Parquet Wood Floor: Which is more expensive?

In this historical moment where there are major issues with the production of raw materials, wood included, engineered flooring is cheaper than solid flooring.

It makes total sense when you consider it’s ease of maintenance and flexibility of use.

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