Light is an intangible design element that is crucial in not just deciding how a space will look, but also how it will make the inhabitants of the space feel. Home-grown lighting design studio Sol Luminaire understands this. Founded in 2008, the home-grown lighting studio offers holistic solutions for artificial illumination for all kinds of spaces, from residential to retail and commercial, lending its assistance to architects, designers and homeowners alike.

In 2010, just two years after its opening, Sol Luminaire took its passion for tailored lighting to new heights by launching AEON, its own in-house lighting fixture brand. AEON offers architectural lighting products that discreetly illuminate the space, bring about its full potential without competing for attention. Constant innovation is at the heart of the brand, and it strives to improve its products, updating and adapting them with new technology as soon as it is available in the market.

AEON’s Line Mini series, for example, is a versatile, dimmable and micro-sized lighting units ideal for creating a minimalist look with a polished ceiling.

Line Mini 2 (2020)

AEON launched the Line in 2017, and this year, the brand has expanded the Line family with Line Mini, the 2020 version that is even smaller, slimmer and better-performing.

Taking on the challenge on further micro-sizing the existing longitudinal fixtures dimension, the Line Mini series ranges from a tiny 33x33mm square to 33x105mm with a slim depth of 50mm. It also features a significantly reduced UGR (Unified Glare Rating), which translates to more visual comfort – your eyes won’t realise that you’re staring at the light source. This is done without compromising its light quality, which, at 3000K warm white with 90 CRI (Colour Rendering Index), is pretty close to natural light.

Line Mini (2020) is available in six variations, two of which feature 45-degree angle flexibility. The series’ die-cast aluminium body is available in black or white so you’ll have the option to use it as a subtle graphic element in the space or be completely camouflaged.

What’s the starting price, you ask? It starts from $45, which is very reasonable. The full installed collection can be viewed at Sol Luminaire’s showroom.

If you’re not sure how to go about narrowing down your choices, the showroom’s lighting specialists will readily offer in-depth knowledge about everything you want (and need) to know. 

Sol Luminaire has also expanded on its retail experience. Just a minute walk, a few doors down from the showroom is The LAB2.1, a space dedicated to lighting and lifestyle opened in 2019.

Dressed mostly in pristine white with occasional concrete accents, The LAB2.1 showcases some of the most exciting products from brands in Asia and beyond.

One of these exciting brands is Buster + Punch, a London-based hardware and lighting fixture label that was born in the garage of a custom-motorbike shop. Buster + Punch’s products take inspiration from London’s fashion, music and subculture scenes, some of which are co-created with creatives outside of the industry like street artists, bike builders and fashion designers. 

Think of small fixtures like light switches and power sockets that you don’t usually  think of so much because you’ve used to seeing them done in a certain nondescript way. Buster + Punch flips this notion with exquisitely designed switches and sockets, offering them in brushed metal options like silver, gold, gunmetal and various combinations of the three, that add an extra oomph to your spaces.

Buster + Punch’s latest collection is a pendant light that features the Buster Bulb / Tube. Touted to be the world’s first designer bulb, the Buster Bulb / Tube features crystal resin finish and E27 fitting.

The design allows the bulb to create a subtle ambient glow while still serving as functional spotlight onto tables and surfaces below it. It looks great hung over tables, bars and bedsides.

And the best part? The bulb is powered by a patented, next-gen LED technology that uses just 1/50th (that’s two per cent) of the energy of conventional light bulbs.

Want matching hardware for your doors and cabinets? Fret not, Buster + Punch also offers door handles, pull bars and furniture knobs to match the switches and sockets, so you can have a cohesively designed space. Most of these are stocked at The LAB 2.1, handy for projects with last-minute handover.

For viewing, book your appointment from Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm and on Saturday from 11am to 5pm, call Sol Luminaire at 6612 1221 and The LAB2.1 at 6282 8020.

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