The Society of Interior Designer Singapore (SIDS) honoured 16 interior designer at its inaugural 20 Under 45 Awards yesterday, 16 July 2021.

Held in the National Design Centre in conjunction with SIDFest 2021, the programme borrows from Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA)’s programmed of the same name with the aim to elevate the local interior design brethren to the same level of excellence with its architecture counterpart.

The 16 winners from 13 design practices were selected based on their notable impact in one or more of these five areas: unlocking economic potential, quality of life and environmental consciousness, promoting culture and fostering community, achieving breakthrough in design and application, and sustainability in design.

Let’s hear from them and take a look at some of their notable projects.

Cherin Tan, LAANK

“Design should be for the people and good design carries value beyond aesthetics. This award celebrates our team (both past & present) that has believed in this philosophy and what we’ve achieved at LAANK. I hope we’ll continue to be recognised for our authenticity as we journey on together.”

Lee Liting, Nitton Architects

“In the pursuit of beauty, I believe we must first find ways to uncover truth. Design is one of the tools for navigating this process of discovery.”

Patricia Ho Douven, White Jacket

“Design is having a conversation with the audience; it is not what you can see but what you make others see. I am deeply honoured to be recognised by the Singapore industry leaders.”

Matilda Sung, Graphite Studio

“Design reflects and manifests changes in society and the world. I am honoured to be acknowledged by SIDS for my work in designing human-centred workplaces for the digital age.”

Mikael Teh, Monocot Studio

“The team at Monocot believes that good design should remain accessible to everyone. Using this award as a testament to make good design, I will continue to create iconic and timeless spaces.”

Lionel Leow, Ta.Le Architects

“Getting recognised by fellow professionals of design and built environment is a great motivation for me and my team to continue to create design that positively influence social behaviour and improves the lives of the community.”

Si Jian Xin, Wynk Collaborative

“Good design involves a contextual understanding of how our perception can be manipulated to evoke an intangible sense of delight and wonder.”

Leong Hon Kit, Wynk Collaborative

“Good interior design is about creating spaces that not only serves the user well, but also enrich the greater environment and society, improving the lives of the people in and around it.”

Wong Ker How, Asolidplan

“Every project is an exploration of how we can rethink, remake, and reimagine. Reimagining and constantly evolving spaces to suit the everyday needs is what propels us to improve our environment and our lives.”

Lim Jing Feng, Asolidplan

“A good design is a process, not a product. A process that involves constant exploration of ideas and challenging limitations.”

Quck Zhong Yi, Asolidplan

“Design is the purposeful making of spaces with meaning, that build connection, and improve lives.”

Dennis Cheok, UPSTRS_

“Design has the power to reveal new solutions and forge new meanings for the spaces we inhabit, the way we live, and the objects that surround us.”

Pan Yi Cheng, Produce

“Winning this award is an affirmation of my studio’s endeavour to occupy the grey zones between the formal and the structural, phenomenology and parametrises, craft and technology. Design is the contemplation of the universal while giving form to the exceptions.”

Selwyn Low, FARM

“Design is an opportunity to forge new meanings and relationships with the world around us. Having approached a diverse range of projects in a cross-disciplinary manner, this award reaffirms my belief that good design is both holistic and user-centric.”

Yeo See Wee, Wee Studio

“The 20 under 45 award is a very significant one, as it motivates young designers to keep on striving, and imbues in them a will and belief that design can make a difference in lives.”

Jackie Lai, JIA Studios

“I am honoured to be placed in such distinguished ranks among the winners for the inaugural 20 Under 45 Award, all of whom have made important contributions to life in Singapore. I believe recognising the need is an important aspect of any design with empathetic understanding of and connection to the user.”

Congratulations to all winners!