SITEX, the biggest lifestyle consumer IT exhibition in Singapore, is back this year with more launches and activities. It is happening on 24 to 27 November 2016, at Singapore Expo Halls 5 and 6.

With “smart” products and wearable technology becoming increasingly popular and abundant in the market, we predict SITEX will be the exhibition to go to, for homeowners who want a smart home.

But what makes a smart product useful and, well, smart? Alan Ng from L3 Homeation, and representing Fibaro in Singapore, lists four features that will make a difference in your lives.

He says, “2017 is fast approaching, and we expect to see more monitoring-type devices, such as door viewers and intercom systems that allow homeowners to check who is coming by their homes through their smartphones, as well as smart digital locks that allow you to lock and unlock your door anytime and anywhere. However, in buying smart products like these, you need to consider some pointers.”

  1. A secure system that keeps the hackers out. “Weak security systems that only protect its product with a simple ID protection make users vulnerable to hackers. Look out for a more comprehensive system, such as those with Z-Wave technology, whose data is encrypted and keeps hackers out,” says Alan.  
  2. A product that is not cloud- or server-dependent. “Look for products that can still function remotely or within the home when the server or internet connection is down.”  
  3. An eco-friendly option. A product that gives you the option, and supports, lower power consumption is important. Most HAVC devices now include power consumption measurement, as monitoring each device's power usage helps users adjust usage behavior.
  4. User-friendliness. Yup, a smart product should be easy to navigate, for users of most ages. This includes set-up and installation.