Housed within Hotel Vagabond, 5th Quarter is the newest Unlisted Collection restaurant with a moody, loungey vibe. Themed around the colours red, gold and black, its design is inspired by a Parisian salon — featuring luxurious velvet draperies, dramatic animal sculptures and gilded intricate decor features.


An array of framed paintings and artwork give the dining area added pizzazz.


Ornate gold-tone "trees" all around the restaurant are a fancy touch, giving a sense of opulence. 


The kitchen is helmed by award-winning chef Drew Nocente, and the restaurant specialises in meat curing. So if you like your meat, try the house-cured chacuterie and dishes created using all parts of the animal, such as the rum-cured pork belly, salt and pepper tripe, and pork collar with radishes and praline.


5th Quarter is at 39 Syed Alwi Road, tel: 6291-1936,