This year, SingaPlural engages visitors with their theme, Senses. Here are our must-see picks:

Beneath the Surface
By Miun

Artist Miun deconstructs the polaroid, to create this interactive conceptual artwork which explores the strength of this well-loved film and what it means to go “beneath the surface”. Talk to Miun about how she sliced open, peeled, and manipulated the polaroid!

A Breathe Respite
by POIESIS Architects x Panelogue

Decorative panels label Panelogue teamed up with POIESIS Architects to form A Breathe Respite, which takes visitors to re-experience everyday environment through their sense of smell. Panelogue’s laminate material, called Organoid, is created with pressed materials such as rose petals, coffee beans, and vanilla pods which are then treated with a special technique to retain its texture and natural scent. 


Beyond Doors, which uses over 100 recycled doors from Mediacorp, lies a lush foliage put together by Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects. Treat yourself to a mini botanic garden and learn about the various plants, from grassjelly to dragon’s tongue, in this beautiful setup.

I Feel the Clouds Singing
By Studio Asobi

Forget what you know about porcelain. The material is not as delicate as you think. Combining the materials of clay and rattan, ceramic artists Huiwen and Kenneth from Studio Asobi has created an interatcive cloud-scape that proves to you clay is actually quite hardy – and it can sing! Run your fingers through the cloud-scape, and hear it for yourself.

Scale Up Your Fear
By Stickyline

The common fear of roaches is taken to the next level, with these larger-than-life paper roaches. Fold and assemble them with your own hands, and conquer that deep-rooted fear of being buried by these pests.

By Lekker Architects x EDL

Ever wanted to be in a kaleidoscope? Here’s your chance. Walk through this installation, which teases visitors with colours and visual textures. Plus, it makes a good photo!