Australian beauty brand Aesop has made its debut in the homeware category with a solid brass oil burner weighing in at one full kilogram. The stately beauty is crafted using an ancient technique, which utilises wax moulds to cast metal objects, resulting in each vessel boasting its own character.

“The Brass Oil Burner is Aesop’s first foray into retailing a designed object,” says Aesop general manager, Kate Forbes. “It represents an interesting new product direction for the company as it combines our passions of design, function and scent into the one product.”

When conceptualising the product, industrial designer and long-time Aesop collaborator Henry Wilson was inspired by the notion of asymmetry as well as the quiet ritual of lighting candles. The imperfect beauty of pouring molten brass, as well as the superior heat transfer properties it possesses, led to Wilson’s choice of brass as the material for the oil burner, not to mention its warmth and affiliation with candlelight. 

Accompanying the launch of the brass oil burner is a new essential oil blend – Beatrice. The fourth addition to Aesop’s range of essential oil blends for the home carries notes of wood and citrus, hinting at touches of patchouli and cedar atlas, evoking the great outdoors right in the comfort of your own home.


Aesop’s brass oil burner and Beatrice oil blend is available online and at Aesop signature stores from Sept 24, 2018.

This article was published by The Peak