From the founders of microbrewery-pub Little Island Brewing Co. come a cool new concept in the hip South Beach locale: Alchemist Beer Lab, which offers an amazing array of craft beers infused with the most intriguing flavours.

While the technique isn’t new, the technology used here is. Employing cutting-edge systems from Poland and the USA to allow brewers to introduce any ingredient into their infusions, ingredients are first placed into the fusion chamber. Compressed gas is then released before the beer is injected into an infusion beer tower – there are 16 in total here – to maximise flavour extraction. These systems are able to retain flavours better than traditional beer brewing, which typically involves cooking ingredients like hops and barley at high heat and may destroy the flavour in the process.


What you get as a result: Beers with the most interesting experimental flavours, like a dry Irish stout infused with marshmellow, vanilla and mint leaves, an ale with grilled pineapple and star anise, or another ale with subtle hints of rosemary. Head bartender Barnaby Murdoch says that these special flavours are only the beginning: “We can infuse any type of ingredients, such as botanicals, fruits, nuts, spices and even coffee and chocolate into our draft beer to create fresh and unique taste profiles.” And while these one-of-a-kind brews will be changed every week, the prices are – thankfully – not exorbitant. From 12pm to 7pm, beers go for $12, and after 7pm, they’re $15 each.


The menu comprises modern European tapas-style fare, courtesy of executive chef John Edwards. Must-tries include slow-cooked pork cheeks ($16), topped with crispy pig’s ears, sweet red cabbage and a dollop of yogurt and a ceviche of goldband snapper ($16), served with zesty lime and hot sauce jelly. Set lunches are also available at $15.90 each, while light snacks like flatbread dips range between $6 to $8.


If you’re expecting the 1,500 sq ft-wide space to be dark and dingy, think again. While the colour palette is largely muted, the 70-seater restaurant-bar’s sleek marble-topped counters and Tom Dixon pendant lamps contribute to its modern, sophisticated aura, and outdoor seating is also available if you prefer to wind down alfresco. 

Alchemist Beer Lab is at #B1-16 South Beach Avenue, 26 Beach Road, tel: 6386-4365


Written by Isabel Ong for Female.